We Are Superior Cutting Service

Over 30 Years of Superior Cutting Service

The Superior Cutting Service name matches the reputation we’ve built up over our 30 years in business. Focused on providing the best personal service to our customers, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards. Customers continue to see us as a valuable, long-term business partner.

The quality and precision of our work is a matter of pride for us. Every person here feels personally responsible for ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

We’ve had the opportunity to serve a diverse customer base across a variety of industries, especially automotive, custom machine building and furniture. Our customers collaborate with us on product development and prototyping as well as large-scale production jobs, and know they can count on us to help out in a pinch.

Our flexibility allows us to drop what we’re doing 99% of the time to help with a hot project. We keep a large inventory of materials and a variety of machinery so we can react quickly when those situations arise.

Superior Cutting Service for 25 Years

How We Got to Where We Are

Three master machinists founded Superior Cutting Service back in 1991 in a tiny, dark work shop with just a couple machines. They knew what their customers needed and how to get it done, and more importantly established a culture of exceptional customer service. 

Our leadership team strives to preserve the legacy left by our founders by upholding the values they set forth in the beginning, and smartly investing in the new technology and processes needed to continue building upon that foundation.

The expertise of our staff and their empowered ability to make quick decisions on the production floor ensures fast, personal service to our customers and the highest quality parts. This sense of project ownership and personal responsibility to deliver to our client’s expectations are what make us Superior.

Superior Cutting Service for 25 Years

Looking Forward to a Bright Future

We want to be here for our customers for the long haul, so we’re making plans for a bright future. Our goal is to stay on top of technology and invest in the equipment and processes that provide the best return for our customers, while allowing our company to grow organically.

Recently, we built a new addition to double our manufacturing space. We now have a 50,000+ square foot manufacturing facility on the north side of Holland, Michigan. We continue to make capital investments and improvements aimed at increasing efficiency and cutting down on lead times.

A lot of exciting things are in store for the future of Superior Cutting Service and our customers. If you’re looking for a long-term partner to satisfy your laser cutting, fabrication, and wire EDM (add links) needs, you can count on SCS to exceed your expectations.

Superior Cutting Service Has a Bright Future