Laser Cutting

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We Are West Michigan’s Trusted Laser Cutting Partner

Our name says it all: we provide Superior Cutting Service and we’ve been doing so for 25 years. We have the expertise, equipment, and inventory to ensure that your laser cutting job is done properly and on time. Not only that, but we also have a dedicated staff that goes above and beyond to provide personal customer service and ensure you are happy with your order.

Superior Cutting Service, Experts in Laser Cutting, Known for Personal Service

We Invest in Equipment and Technology

Currently, we run three Mitsubishi laser cutters and a smaller IPG cube for hot projects. In addition to doubling our production floor recently, we also purchased a Tube Laser Cutting Machine. With premium nesting software, we can maximize material yield and provide customers with high-quality finished parts fast. We also rely on an advanced scheduling system to help us maximize efficiency and get your job done on time every time.

Mitsubishi CO2 Laser Cutting Machine at Superior Cutting Service

Automation and Inventory Allow Fast Turnaround

Our 155-shelf Mitsubishi River Navigation System allows us to keep a variety of sheet metal in stock so it’s ready to cut when you need it most. Even on the off chance that what you need is not in stock, we can order most materials for delivery within one day. We run two shifts in the laser cutting department to make sure jobs get done quickly. We also operate two finishing machines (one exclusively for Stainless, one for mild steel and aluminum) that allow us to round off corners and edges so your sheet metal parts are ready for welding and assembly.

155-shelf Mitsubishi River Navigation System at Superior Cutting Service

We Take Orders Large and Small

When Superior Cutting Service was first established, a lot of our customers were local farmers who needed one or two custom parts here and there to fix a broken down tractor. Our capacity has greatly expanded since those early days, allowing us to accommodate much higher volumes, but our process and equipment still allows us to turn around prototypes and smaller projects quickly and efficiently. 

Variety of Machines to Accommodate Variety of Needs

Laser Cutting Specifications

Material Specifications:

  • Max Steel Thickness: 1.00″
  • Max Stainless Thickness: 0.500″
  • Max Aluminum Thickness: 0.500″
  • Max sheet size: 5′ x 10′
  • Ability to cut bronze, copper and other specialty materials.

Machine Specifications:

  • Mitsubishi 6000 Watt EX Lasers
  • Mitsubishi 8000 Watt Fiber Laser
  • BLM LT7 Tube Laser
  • IPG Cube Fiber Laser
  • NS Maquinas Finishing Machines

Materials On Hand:

  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless

*We can order most other materials to arrive within one business day.