Paint Line Tooling

Your Single Source for Paint Racking Systems

SCS specializes in designing and building racks and fixtures for various conveyor-style finishing applications including powder coating, wet paint, spray adhesives, e-coating, and plastisol. As your single source for paint tooling, we also design and build material handling and storage carts for your paint racks, and will even refurbish existing tooling. Our customers appreciate our collaborative problem-solving mindset when it comes to coating applications and often consult us when setting up a new paint line.

We Understand Your Paint Rack Needs

Years of experience in providing this specialized service has taught us to ask the right questions and understand the details involved in designing the right solution for your job. It is our top priority to help you provide uniform, high quality finishes to your customers. We understand your need to reach maximum line density while ensuring your operators can load parts ergonomically to prevent injury. We know how durable your paint racks need to be to withstand the abuse they receive from burn-off and storage.

Robust Paint Rack Construction

Superior Cutting Service has long been building a reputation for outstanding quality laser cutting and fabrication. Our in-house laser cutting and fabrication departments work together to build structurally sound paint racks that will withstand the test of time. Our laser cutting expertise has proven to be a valuable asset in paint tooling design, allowing for rugged yet light-weight paint racks. Laser cutting also gives us the ability to create intricate part hanging patterns with minimal welding, which reduces costs for you and increases the durability of your rack. We now have a tube laser cutting machine that makes it easy for us to build structurally sound paint rack tooling.

We Provide:

  • Maximized line density
  • Uniform coating application
  • Robust structural integrity
  • Minimized paint rack weight
  • Ergonomical part loading

Our Quoting & Prototyping Process

For new customers, we like to visit your painting facility before we start designing in order to get a thorough understanding of how your line is set up. Next, we look at your part and discuss your requirements in detail. We then determine the best way to hang your part to allow for the smoothest, most efficient application of your finishing coat of choice, and design your rack accordingly. We build a prototype of our design, which is often hand-delivered (within West Michigan), for your review and testing. Necessary adjustments are made at this stage to ensure your requirements are met before sending you a final quote.

Not located in West Michigan? No problem. We have long standing relationships with out-of-state customers and a proven process to ensure a quality experience.

Quick Turnaround and Superior Service

We are well known for providing fast turnaround and outstanding customer service, and our paint rack department is no exception. Our people have the independence to make quick decisions on the floor and to personally ensure your requests are addressed in a timely manner. We always do what we can to help our customers out in a pinch, and maintain short lead-times in general.