TUBE Laser Cutting

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West Michigan Tube Laser Cutting

Tube Laser Cutting requires a special kind of machine, and now Superior Cutting Service has that machine! As part of our new facility expansion, we’ve added a BLM LT7 Tube Laser Cutting machine as a resource for our customers and to support a steady flow of structural weldment projects. Now, we can laser cut round, square, and rectangle tubes as well as open profiles, and special sections in mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Fast Turnaround Tube Laser Cutting

Tube Laser Cutting has never been faster or more efficient. With immediate changeover, the LT7 will automatically be ready for your production batch as soon as we program it in. The loader, spindle, and supports adapt automatically to the new section without stopping the production cycle. Materials typically arrive within 1-2 business days so we can turn around your project at lightning speed. Two in-house finishing machines (one for Stainless, one for mild steel and aluminum) can round off corners and edges quickly so they’ll be ready for welding and assembly.
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Tube Laser Cutting for High and Low Volume

From the beginning, Superior Cutting Service has always served our local farmers. Even though we can now process much higher volumes, we will still make custom parts for farm equipment on occasion. We enjoy taking on tube laser cutting prototype projects as well as high volume tube laser cutting.
155-shelf Mitsubishi River Navigation System at Superior Cutting Service

We Invest in Equipment and Technology

With three sheet metal laser cutters, our new tube laser cutter, and an automated inventory system, your high volume metal parts will be done quickly and at the highest level of quality. We even have a smaller IPG cube for super hot projects along with several CNC mills, EDM wire cutters, finishing machines, and welding stations. Maximizing efficiency even further, our advanced scheduling system ensures we get your job done on time every time.
Variety of Machines to Accommodate Variety of Needs

Tube Laser Cutting Specifications

Material Specifications:

  • Max. linear weight: 15.454 lbs./ft
  • Max. weight per section: 330.693 lbs.
  • Round from 0.472 to 6.000” in diameter
  • Flat bar from 1.748 to 6.000” wide

Machine Loading Capacity:

  • Min. Autoloading Length: 8’2”
    (or 9’10” if smaller than 1” square)
  • Max. Autoloading Length: 27.887′
  • Min. Manual Loading Length: 10.257”
  • Max. Manual Loading Length: 27.887′

Scrap & Unloading Length Capacities:

  • Max. for Small Part/Scrap Conveyor: 17.717”
  • Max. for Rear Unloader: 12.238 ft.
  • Max. for Front Unloader: 27.887 ft.
  • Max. for Roller Bed Front: 6.562 ft.
  • Minimum Scrap Length: 3.307”
  • Whole Bar Machining Part: 0”