Wire EDM & EDM Drilling

EDM Expertise for Standard and Specialized Materials

Over 75 years of combined EDM expertise has given us a thorough understanding of material properties and how they respond to EDM techniques. Some of the metals we work with include carbide, graphite, aluminum, any variety of steel, and even exotic materials such as ruthenium and rhodium. We also specialize in Ampco Bronze materials (Ampco 18, Ampco 21, Ampco 25).

Superior Cutting Service has over 75 combined years of Wire EDM expertise

Wire EDM Creates Intricate Shapes with Tight Tolerances

When you need parts cut to extremely tight tolerances or intricate shapes, talk to our Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) department. Wire EDM is a precise way to cut any type of conductive metal. We can produce precision parts that match the dimensional tolerances of your drawings to within +/- 0.001 inches.

Create Intricate Shapes with Tight Tolerances with the Wire EDM Department at Superior Cutting Service.

Cut Tiny, Precise Holes with EDM Drilling

Just like wire EDM cutting, EDM drilling, uses an electrical charge to create intense, localized heat which melts away tiny bits of conductive metals. Often we use the EDM drilling process as a starting point to create a larger, specifically shaped hole using the wire EDM cutting machine without cutting into the sides of the block of material.

Wire EDM Drilling cuts tiny holes through solid metal.

Personal Service and Competitive Pricing

The Wire EDM Department at Superior Cutting Service usually turns around quote requests within one business day. We offer short lead times on jobs because we have several machines allowing for large capacities. We are here to answer any of your EDM questions knowledgeably and personally anytime during business hours.

The Wire EDM Department at Superior Cutting Service is here to answer your EDM questions.

Equipment Specifications

Mitsubishi Wire EDM Cutting Machines:

  • 7 Wire EDM Machines
  • Max Z height (part thickness) is 11.8”
  • Table holds 31″ x 41” part
  • Max part travel on X access is 19.7”
  • Max part travel on Y access is 13.8”
  • Wire diameters: 0.010″ and 0.012”

EDM Drilling Machines:

  • 2 Agie Charmilles Drill 20
  • Max height is 10”
  • Max diameter is 1/4”
  • Min diameter is .01”
  • Max workpiece weight is 680 lbs 

Haas VF2 Machining Centers

  • Available for any pre or post-process machining